Sunday, July 18, 2010

inspired by Red's style

Going thru some boxes yesterday I found one of my bedtime story books, Little Red Ridding Hood, I loved this book like most kids but what I really adore about my version is the illustrations on it, very soft and airy with a southing color palette, so inspiring.
Maybe this is why as a child I started writing my own illustrated stories which off course my mom keeps (I even wrote one with song included for my cat, the pages were tied with pastel ribbons and featured scalloped edges); remembering stuff like this makes me feel guilty for being so lazy and not drawing more.


Red’s outfit is quite different from the usual renditions and is sporting the season’s trends if you look closely (I may be forcing this a little but roll with me):

1) Maxi and slightly see-through skirt: check
2) Brogues: check
3) New take on the fanny pack: check
4) Flowers as an accessory: check (remember that girl that appeared in every street style blog last season in Paris that had roses sticking out of her purse, this is the moment I kick myself for not saving the image grrrr)
5) Messy sexy hair: check

And she’s wearing soft colors with a strong red accent to punch things up a little, she’s spot on!
What was your favorite illustration as a kid?


Winnie said...

Aww, I can understand where you're coming from. I used to watch lots of animes and I would sketch out characters and make up my own too.

M said...

yeah I had an anime drawing period as well

Kelly said...

haha, i love the comparison of this illustration with current trends. Lovely lovely blog!!

Found you via the link exchange group at ifb, following you via bloglovin! Follow back if you like! :)

<3 Kelly


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