Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bravo Louis Vuitton I want it all!

It helps that the Louis Vuitton collection is gorgeous and I’m all over those long gloves but the real jaw dropping comes from the fact that Christie Turlington is 41 and does not look a day older than her costars (Natalia is 28 and Karen is 31 if I’m not mistaken).
Hurray for casting “older” models on mayor advertising, after all women over 35 are the real cash cow for brands like LV, sure they had Madonna but she is on a league of her own and when it came to models the younger the better. It gives a warm fuzzy feeling to know that brands are catching up with reality and when the time comes that I reach said demographic I wont feel the images enticing me to shop are alienating me at the same time. It’s a complex balance to pull being young/mature and this campaign does so beautifully.
It goes beyond age and focuses on glamour and desire. Brilliant.


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