Friday, June 18, 2010

walking in the rain

Wow it’s been raining non stop lately but luckily sans thunder storms ¡yey!
You might have noticed the m.i.a. situation on the blog for the past few days, just let me clarify it was due to internet connection and not laziness on my part, and also the World Cup matches have been keeping me entertained not because of the hot players (they are just a very welcomed plus) but because I genuinely love the sport which I played a little in high school, but just in case you were wondering so far Slovenia has the most handsome player ratio based on today’s game.
Anyways back to fashion this is what I wore yesterday for my rain walk, threw in the purple purse to avoid being too matchy-matchy and a DIY pearl neckie made out of a very large pearl strand (4 other accessories came out of it which I’ll show you soon) and fabric trimming laying around.

my interpretation of a classic three strand pearl necklace, I luv that it can be played up or down depending on mood and occasion while avoiding the Muffy-at-the-country-club-brunch look


1 comment:

missrantsypants said...

can't wait to see the diy for this! I have a 3 pearl strand but I bought mine and now I love it just a little bit less..I wish I had made it! :]


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