Tuesday, June 8, 2010

tricking the eye is way better than underwear confirmation

a crop of runway examples


and off course you already knew American Apparel had dibs on this trend

To me lingerie is the base of any look, a blouse can look 100% better with the right bra, in a way it molds your body or maybe it molds the clothes, which ever way it can do a girl good so dressing from the inside out is the best strategy to rock any trend which brings me to one of the top directions this season –SEETHRU-
Umm tricky trend, no? A lot of underwear on display which I find a bit tacky, don’t get me wrong I luv to rock colorful bra straps peeking from a top but full frontal bra is not for me its way more fun to wear nude under things and watch confused faces trying to figure out if there is something under that all sheerness, for some reason that’s better than knowing they can see clearly everything I’ve got on.
So here the top weapons to put your sizzle on this trend:


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