Wednesday, June 9, 2010

today's look

I’ve been meaning to post a bit more on personal style but since no personal paparazzo is on call a different approach had to be taken, yeah I need a tripod but for now this will have to suffice.

The mood was sporty today hence the athletic grey bra to pick on that hue present on the skirt and my beat up sneakers –they claim I wear them to much and need a relaxing getaway- also on board were my vintage Ray Ban oversized aviators and a messenger bag I forgot to capture for you to see.

And obviously the sheer trend had to be present! Normally worn with nude bra for the bare back effect or a dark blue racerback today called for a different vibe since the skirt is so short already.


johanna said...

oww such a cute blog =D
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Pearl Westwood said...

Great outfit, love it with the boots!

M said...

I feel they add a little something to a look, I have another pair in silvery shade...need a new pair jajaja


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