Monday, June 21, 2010

My Tudors inspired necklace

Not sure if I’ve mentioned my love of The Tudors on this blog before, but I do, the plot, the characters, the wardrobe

The_Tudors_Lady_Mary@ and I don’t even mind one bit the liberties they have taken with the story as it is so well portrayed plus Henry Cavill is dreamy and you know how having a smoke show guy makes any show that much better hahaha it’s all for our amusement after all.

Anyways I had this vintage embellished belt from the 80’s that was a bit messed up so I decided to chop it up and reconfigured into a one off neckie that reminds me a lot of the type of jewelry used on the show,

The_Tudors_replica_jewelry@http://marielscastle.blogspot.comthe antique patina of the metals and richly pigmented stones with some pearls thrown in for good measure as the ones above.
Sorry there are no step by step pics but the diligent blogger in me forgot about such details due to excitement…ups!
It’s just screaming for a plunging neckline or maybe I'll wear it on my hair if the mood strikes, do you approve?

DIY_necklace_inspired_by_The_Tudors@http://marielscastle.blogspot.comBTW if you would love to channel Queen Catherine, the Lady Mary or Anne Boleyn I just found this site that sells replicas of their jewelry sets as worn on the show on the cheap, cool yeah?


Asteria said...

i love the tudors as well!and the embellishments are really pretty (im currently attempting to do something similar as well) :)

Anonymous said...

I like that you

think. Thank you for share very


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