Saturday, May 22, 2010

is this where the YSL t-shirt 1st appeared????

While taking inspiration from music videos seems rather hard these days what with Lady Gaga and Beyonce pushing for the unwearable for the guys the story is a bit different…it’s all about easy to translate to the streets especially with bands like the one on the video below which I discovered tnx to my latest Korean drama favorite Oh My Lady! starring Choi Si Won

Naturally a background check was necessary *ahem*


While on this side of the planet we have plenty of TV fashion inspiration for us girls when watching Asian dramas what I enjoy most fashion wise are the menstylings because of the wow factor, I mean wouldn’t you want your main squeeze to dress like this? Lets face it on the usual shows the only exciting men's wardrobe is the one belonging to Chuck Bass and even he has been boring lately, don’t you agree?
So I share with you Super Junior apparently a super popular band on the Asian side, judge and tell me what do you think of the clothing…I mean this video is from 11 months ago and the YSL t-shirt ubiquitous on the street style blogs lately makes a cameo so for that & other clearly cool items it’s safe to say what they wear does translate to the street trends the cool hunters bring to the west then translated by Gucci &Co.
Good rhythm, cute boys dancing, awesome styling, Si won, need I say more? Enjoy!!!


Haute World said...

Definitely agree that menswear as seen on Asian men is a lot more interesting and creative. I think Western guys might see some of it as a little too meterosexual, but it's a lot more fashion-forward!

Alejandra said...

See? I cant totally picture that guy doing some major Korean Product Promo, like Samsung or Hyundai or something like that... he could sell me ice cubes for all I care... so long as he fashions himself like that *_*

M said...

@Alejandra: I'm w/u on that one he's so pretty to look at
@Haute World: yeah I think the macho factor plays a role there


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