Tuesday, May 4, 2010

remember him?

This morning I ate breakfast while watching a re-run of Project Runway the fierce bitch edition aka Christian Siriano (the link takes you to his ss10 rtw) – I’m more a fan of his antics rather than his design- anyways watching the show I recalled how cool were Rami’s designs and got curious as to what he might be doing now so a little googling action took me to the fashion film for his SS10 collection which is very Givenchy RTW by way of palette and graphics play but completely different when it comes to the pieces themselves, more an evening at the red carpet deal.
By the way for the most part fashion films should be shorter unless there’s an actual plot going on otherwise it gets boring after minute 4…just saying.
How long before you get bored watching a fashion film?

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Fashion Cappuccino said...

Rami and Christian were two of my favorite people on the runway show! Their designs always keep me interested! Thank you for sharing the video!! xoxoxxoo


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