Monday, May 3, 2010

paper on your jewelry box

When we hear the word paper our mental imagery turns to a white page or one filled with blue/green lines like the one we used in school, if you like wondering around craft stores your mind goes a little further when recalling the amazingly colorful and textured sheets you though might look great as wrapping paper *ahem*
Well Ana Hagopian puts shame on us simple minded folks with her take on the possibilities of paper as a jewelry material with stunning results; her pieces -which are mostly from recycled origins and a few textiles for good measure-, are very organic in shape and limitless when talking of color.
What I like is that they have this cool aura and that you don’t immediately know it’s made out of paper, but what to do if about town it rains on your parade? Will the pieces dissolve? Or worse stain whatever you might be wearing…since it’s been raining non stop around here my sartorial choices as of late revolve around rain.


thenextarrow said...

i love the colors in the last one. stunning!

xo Alison


good question.
but they do look good.


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