Thursday, May 13, 2010

meet Sabrina Tach

Hey dolls glad to report that I’m slightly over my hat fixation at least for today so yey!
–ground braking I know- by the way just came across these really cool handbags from Uruguayan designer Sabrina Tachdjian, she has an Etsy store were you could buy her existing designs or have something made to order.
The brand even gets green points for their leather sourcing and manufacturing policies, for me it’s always good when the leather comes from animals that lived free roaming around in green pastures playing with other cows and fending off flies instead of animals that are confined to a storage unit type of place where they can’t even lay down properly that makes me sad anyways the lookbook was shot by photographer Camila Gonzalez Jettar in a very American Apparel meets the middle ages fairy in the wilderness of a park, the lace pieces the model is wearing were actually custom made for the shoot and not from AA btw.
The bags are cute and have an indian summer quality that makes me think would be rather easy to incorporate on an ensemble which is always a good thing.


stylechanges said...

wow beautiful bags its so creative lovely bags

Clare said...

Love her bags, beautifully shot too...

tweet tweet tweet


Eliza said...

lovely bags!!!


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