Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kitty Power

What is the secret for maintaining strong brand integrity + high awareness and maximizing revenue while running wild with collaborations with various brands/designers all on different price brackets and target audiences? Ask Sanrio and the brand & pr managers for Hello Kitty they should know, that cat has them ridding a money train.
Why the sudden HK attention? Just found this cute tank


Todoki for Hello Kitty that would be great for lounging when being lazy around the house or the gym.
I love that cat, I even chose her as my fashion icon for a presentation on my Sociology of Fashion class, she has airplanes splattered with her image, t-shirts, Judith Lieber bags, Tarina Tarantino jewels, kitchen appliances and the list goes on and on.
What’s the secret? I really want to know.
This is an important subject as many brands these days are diversifying to hotels, restaurants and other non fashion businesses or widening their consumer reach with lower priced lines, some work while others fail miserably.
Sometimes even if the strategy works in financial terms it ends up hurting the brand identity/status. It’s what all those designers struggled with when agreeing to and H&M/Target/etc. collab.
With any of these new adaptations there needs to be focus on core, just because it worked for someone else does not mean it will work on your brand as well. Not sure if these is the case with Zac Posen’s ZSpoke line (SS10) as I recall reading somewhere was early on the sale rack, but like everything it maybe needs time to catch on.
Any ideas on the subject?


Asteria said...

im not really a fan of hello kitty but im liking this one!(esp. her skeleton friend on the sushi bar ;P)

M said...

yep they are both very cute

Alyssa said...

I really, really love this Hello Kitty top! I've been a big fan of Hello Kitty literally ever since I can remember... and I <3 sushi... and just went to 'conveyor belt style' sushi today! ha ha thanks for sharing this :D

M said...

that reminds me I need sushi in my system


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