Wednesday, May 26, 2010

belt it!

Lately I’m falling for thin belts with some interesting retail, recently I purchased a yellow patent leather one (yeah I’m even thinking yellow these days) very simple but packs a visual punch, so for follow up a spin of virtual shopping was needed and here’s the bounty:

1. with front bow from Brave Leather with an amazing $60 price tag plus the sheer amount of color choices makes it even more covetable

2. fancy stones and a “snake” metal weaving by Judith Lieber *gasp* be still my heart
3. oh Fendi! These dudes (gonna miss Hugo jajaja) know how to make guaranteed sell out accessories, plastic + leather + metal adjustable closure, what’s not to love?
4. Pompoms anyone? This Lanvin cutie is ultra romantic but not overtly sugary hence ideal to balance an outfit consisting of simple or masculine pieces
5. and last but certainly not least metal sprinkling on an unusual color by Forever21, in a different color this belt might look rather common but the hue makes it special and full of hip factor
Which is your favorite?


Violet Revolution said...

Usually stones and studs are my favorites, but I really like the pom-pom neutral belt best!

M said...

it's a beauty and wider then the rest but still delivers that delicate touch

Alyssa said...

My favorite is definitely the Lanvin. So sweet.


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