Monday, May 24, 2010

already thinking of saturday's shop browsing

While high heels might not be the ideal shoe for the long distance endurance sport that is shopping I do believe feeling cute influences the way one shops and what we shop for, so as long as we make multiple resting stops in between stores for iced coffee and the occasional cheese cake all is good plus these heels have a little platform and a good curve structurally speaking that makes me believe my feet won’t be tortured in them.
This outfit exemplifies what I would love to wear saturday for shopping and actually trying stuff on since it would be easy to get in and out off and because of the fabrics the whole look stays wrinkle free for hours and hours with simple yet pretty jewelry (no neckie to avoid one more thing to remove in the dressing room) and a very easy ballerina knot with bangs with non or barely there makeup.



hair knot pic tnx to The Gentlewoman

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