Saturday, April 3, 2010

White Wonders

White conjures fresh, clean, summer but it can also be bold and sophisticated and it’s a great base to any closet. Major points for wearing it in winter when it lends a certain air to looks especially on a well cut coat but for the spring summer season it’s a must have and below a few white wonders I would love to

This Givenchy bag has a great shape, big enough but not overwhelming…do remember to use a leather protecting foam of good quality to prevent dirt to ruin the treasure and a little moist –with water only- rag often to keep it from accumulating oils or other stuff, btw no baby wipes! You’ve been warned!!!

This perforated leather Prada high-tops are stunning and cool in an understated way…maybe even good enough to wear for cocktail with the right outfit if you feel anti heels and fuzz, get them at Saks

Even if I sometimes run around happily sans watch, it is a great accessory and can bring interest to whatever you are wearing specially with its digital 5 year old kid appeal throw in some diamonds and we’re in business this one is the Sintra Jubilé by Rado

This Cheap Monday jeans are not exactly an accessory and not exactly this season either but they are so amazing…just coz

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