Wednesday, April 28, 2010

smile inducing shoes

You’d think posting would be back to normal by now but sadly my energy levels are still cripplingly low that said I’m trying after all the whole idea of this blog is to force me some kind of discipline, hope all is well and normal by next week in the meantime check out this pic from the editorial Angelo Pennetta did for Vogue Nippon with model Hannah Holman.
The whole editorial is full of desirable clothing games styled by Sabino Pantone -who mostly works for Vogue Nippon- but I chose this image because the shoes are just incredible –I’m betting CDG but can’t be sure as the credits are so small- anyways do you luv them as much as I do??? I bet u do *snicker*

Pic tnx to Fashion Gone Rogue


miss velvet bow said...

I like so much your blog!

M said...

tnx so much doll!


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