Saturday, April 10, 2010

Personally Marc Jacobs

Normally we don’t really look too closely on designer’s personal style which is odd enough considering they are the ones who guide what we wear, even if their inspiration comes from the streets for good measure what we as consumers get in the end is the designers filtered view of the streets.
That got me thinking on a designer whose personal style j’adore: Marc Jacobs.
Even if his SS10 offering was not my cup of chocolate –especially the bags that had David Crockett’s dyed hat dangling from them eek- but hey at least he redeemed himself for fall…anyways I just adore his personal style because he can rock a skirt!
-well a kilt technically, why do men justify their skirt wearing habits by calling it something else? It is a skirt by modern standards in the past women only wore long skirts so middle ages men could justify calling it whatever they wanted but these days ¡it’s a skirt!- * ahem* rant over haha.
I like that MJ always looks so confident in it and he looks like a man, he varies the shoes and even pulled off a black clutch yet he never looked ridiculous, I guess I like the fact that he isn’t going for gimmicks and the secret is sharp tailoring like Vin Diesel

on some MTV Europe awards long ago where he wore a black leather skirt with a long sleeved t-shirt ¡gorge!
–and I’m no VD fan by the by but that day I was-
Bravo MJ I think you are stunning!

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Pearl Westwood said...

I couldn't agree more, I absolutely adore MJ x


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