Thursday, April 1, 2010

Open Season

The lovely spring is here with all its cheerful pastels and lighter than air fabrics and what is lurking behind the corner? Summer! That means the perfect bathing suit is de rigueur and probably more than one, yes? Shopping for a bathing suit is a complicated activity full of frustration and disappointment, personally the one item I’m not fond of hunting down.
A complex equation brings forth the perfect bathing suit: it must flatter certain areas, camouflage others, reveal strategic points, be comfortable and have perfect proportions on all categories on barely any fabric…oh the joy.
As this is a complicated task it takes time to come across one I really luv –I’ve been known to take up to a month of almost daily search to pick one of these pesky creatures for a trip many moons ago- the stores are filled with lovelies and one entertains the idea of how perfect it would look with this flip flops you’ve got or the caftan you just saw at some store you just visited but crash agonizing under fluorescent light when it does not fit –rides too high, shows too much butt, makes your boobs too obvious or worse it flattens them, makes you *ahem* fatter- the trick is to find a suit that shows exactly the percentage of your body you can feel good in while complementing your shape.
Currently I have one main star and an understudy but I need a new one as the backup one is the sort I’d use for lounging in a pool were I’m the only swimmer not due to ugliness but plainliness, a straight forward design from Speedo that fits nicely -a two piece with contrasting piping- but what I want is a show piece like the one from Sais the little sister of Rosa Cha I got 3 years ago

and is still as perfect as the day it came to be mine, the main draw for me is the cheerful print and the little ¿wings? on the bottom, so now I’m scanning Brazilian brands precisely because of quality and uncommon approach to swimwear design.
For your viewing pleasure below a few styles that jumped at me.
So what’s your take on hunting the perfect bathing style do you have a favorite brand or just buy whatever and don’t fuss over it?

Pics tnx to Fashion Forward

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