Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pssst Emanuel Ungaro should have hired Me!!!

Yes 3 exclamation marks for a title of such self serving proportions is quite appropriate as I find it adds to its nonsense you see today I have a serious case of WTF’ness.
I’m catching on today to the Paris shows –very late I’m aware- and there greets me Ungaro’s new collection by Estrella Archs and it was well disappointing to say the least, I was aware of the ruckus caused by the Lindsay Lohan no longer hangs here deal so my assumption was this collection should be the farthest thing from last season, for some reason I assumed the poor designer was taken hostage by the upper managements orders to follow L.L. “guidance” and now that that proved to be a mistake the real creative power behind the brand would take over and what do we have instead? A sequel!
Some of the pieces were good but drowned among the sea of dated clothes that made for the majority of the collection or maybe it was the styling, whatever it was it was not cool…at all. So in reference to the title of this post I know I could have done better as bad as that sounds haha no really I do have a point I’m just trying to get to it so don’t hate me yet, in an era were anyone can suddenly wake up and be a “designer” some actually do have the talent to do it and not just be a well produced public face with real talent in the shadows, sometimes even years of experience does not qualify to lead the charge, it is a delicate balance and so maybe it would be best if perhaps they had an open recruitment to fish someone that has what it takes to be the one in charge that otherwise would not have access to such an opportunity for whatever reasons so in the end I’m not really referring to myself but anyone really because someone out there would have been perfect for this.
Sorry Estrella but really wtf?

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