Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my shorty-short reflexion on the spring female

Last night I finally decided to watch the Princess and The Frog and I wanted to share because even if the musical numbers were not as memorable as the ones from The Little Mermaid or Beauty and The Beast it kept me entertained for the length of the flick but there was one thing I found more interesting, the depiction of women in the story, to my surprise all the female characters were positive portrayals no evil witch or self esteem lacking rival or envious anyone, which is amazing as Disney films tend to have questionable female interaction. In all fairness films like B&TB had no females other than Beauty unless you count Mrs. Teapot or Aladdin we besides Jasmine there is no other female in sight or Mulan again either no females or they are evil bitches trying to outshine the main girl.
Well in all fairness the ¿best friend? Seems to be on a man hunting agenda, but still kind hearted and good.
My point with all this is the perception of the roles of women has improved and to be honest even if I grew up watching Ariel throw her life away to follow some dude to land that did not affect me negatively but its still nice to think little girls around the world are been given stronger influences.
And how does this relate to fashion you ask, well it seems to be in harmony with all the ruffles we saw for spring –tired of it already? Suck it up as it is the season at hand- lots of sweetness but with a sexy edge, more than meets the eyes with slits and transparencies.
Its sugar 40% and spice 60% delicious!

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