Friday, March 19, 2010

Dressing the Gym Rat!

A few days a week I wake up with the desire to get a good work out, the trees, birds and the air in your face however now thanks to the constant rain and/or hellish heat that means moving the operations inside…ahhh the joy of the gym for all of us ¿right? NOT

I hate the gym for the most part; it makes for an entrapment feeling, nowhere to look at but mirrors, machines or other sweaty visitors, well this last part is good if it’s a hot sweaty one jeje, the only part I really like are the classes that involve moving around in an attempt to coordinate yourself, you get so busy trying to follow you forget were you are, loose a good amount of calories and indulge with looking at yourself in the mirror for a while with that befitting flush on your cheeks the only thing you need on your face is lip gloss.
But for most of my friends the gym is torture for a whole different set of things, like their own distorted body image accentuated by the toned bodies one often encounters at the gym and the paranoia that everyone else is looking at them as they do. So as a service to my lovely friends and the community lets share the way to get ready for the “I don’t see any flaws in my body and I come to the gym only for fun” battle.

So here goes the check list:
1- Always wear lip gloss (for some reason this gets me in the mood after all exercise is all about working to make yourself pretty) but please avoid any other makeup,
2- Say no to tight clothes in areas were they enhance problem areas,
3- Say no to clothes that need constant readjustments,
4- even if flirting only with your image on the mirror always sport cute hair, this means hair bands, barrettes or a cute baseball cap whatever prevents you from looking like you’ve just finished a street fight,
5- Comparing yourself to others is not allowed,
6- No xxl old t-shirts,
7- No camel toe inducing pants, 8- try to approach the gym rat look the way you do about cocktail night: coordination is key and most important is
9- Smile on the inside and congratulate yourself on the effort!

After all it’s not like we can all have Adriana Lima’s looks but we can pretend we do for the sake of being happy with ourselves without going into denial and start wearing bikinis to our workout sessions.
And to end this seemingly never-ending post....some outfits that make me smile, which are pretty close to what I wear when mustering the stamina to hit the treadmill normally my look is a cross between a boxer and a ballerina not the hooker chic which is all the rage at most facilities, don’t know who gave the green light to looking like a street walker minus heels anyways may not be intentional ¿right?

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