Monday, February 15, 2010

What camp do you adhere to?

The responses to Tanya Gold’s litany to how much she hates fashion are still making the blogosphere rounds I enjoyed reading this post and its comments, camps are divided and players struggle to takes sides since we all have issues of some kind with the industry whether it’s the unfair ideal body type shoved down our throats, the pawn your TV if you have to because you are nothing without this bag/shoe/dress, focused racism (noticed how Asian models are suddenly more visible this days? And all thanks to China prepping to be top dog in luxury spending and not because the industry finally realized that Asian girls are pretty), unfair labor compensation, contamination, waste and whatever you can think of the industry has a lot of demons.
But something people –and I’m including myself here- often forget is that we as consumers hold the power, we are the power behind the throne much like the church was to the kingdoms of old.
Brands depend on our money to survive, department stores buy according to their customers preferences so even if a designer shows up with rubber cone bras with tassels the store won’t stock them – double edged sword as sometimes we are at the mercy of tasteless buyers and the result is style starvation- even if said bra is in every editorial sexily portrayed by what’s her name.
Fashion is all about illusions, smoke and mirrors, magazines can show certain images but you are the one that makes the choice to accept them.
People get on their high horses and demand the industry to take in consideration fat people, and don’t hate me for this but fat is not good its not healthy just as much as extra thin starving bony model is not either or attractive for that matter, again photography hides a multitude of sins even without Photoshop.

bony Where's her cleavage? Why would anyone aspire to be this thin when it's clear its not an attractive look?
Does K. look healthy to you in this picture?

People seem to be fighting for their right to be fat, what nonsense is that?
These women are beautiful but fail to see that and instead depress themselves for not being “ideal” like the girl with protruding ribs in the magazine, and surrender themselves into size xxxl and complain clothes don’t fit. What better example that no one actually thinks size -0 is the ideal than the obsession with Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe healthy size

who by today standards should be size 8 or 10 (she fluctuated her weight) with out of this world voluptuous measurements ratio, and with insecurities like the girl next door but I’m guessing hers had nothing to do with being fat as…well she wasn’t she was healthy and knew how to dress her body type. Even a size two can find a dress unflattering if it’s not right for her figure. Skinny does not equal beauty as much as overweight does not equal freedom. It’s like missing a mark, go rail thin or be fat and no healthy on the horizon to which the general public as much as the fashion industry is to blame.

Christina Hendricks @ Who could say Christina Hendricks is anything but perfect? she's not a size -0 but clothes look amazing on her good enough for a fashion editorial ¡hello Vogue, Elle and company!

Which of this 2 would you say is prettiest? healthier?

Let’s not conform to what is deemed pretty that choice is ours to make, if there’s something pretty and its not flattering leave it be and move on, we should enjoy the process of making ourselves beautiful in our eyes then others will follow. Enjoy the images in the magazines for what they are: smoke and mirrors and support brands that make an effort to be diversity friendly. Creating and nurturing style with new, vintage, bespoke and not conforming to unrealistic standards builds confidence and avoid feeling wasteful over buying what you like –ehem the same dress in 3 colors- by donating whatever is not used and caring properly for even that H&M shirt purchased at $6 on sale.
You have the power of choice embrace it and use it wisely.

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ambika said...

I only want to chime in to say that if I could *be* Joan from Mad Men, I totally would.

M said...

jajaja that would be fun no?

Oranges And Apples said...

Thanks for the linkage! You're right, we have the power and we should not be swayed what the companies tell us. But isn't the message that health is the important thing and size really doesn't matter? Even if you are very thin or very overweight, you can still be healthy. There is actually very little correlation between weight and health, it's more about physical fitness levels, diet and things like smoking. I don't think fat acceptance folk are saying that fat is freedom or 'a good thing', but they are saying that just because people are fat does not mean that they are necessarily unhealthy, and that people should not be discriminating them because they are fat.

M said...

Oranges I meant freedom from the fashion industry. And indeed some people can be fat & healthy but most are not, lets not forget obesity can cut years on your life span, many studies point out that excess weight is associated not only with a lot of frequently cited dangers--diabetes, stroke, heart disease, sleep apnea and joint problems among them--but also with many less frequently cited ones, such as cancer. And yes active fat people can be healthier than sedentary thin ones. But really when people are active most likely they will not be overweight if they are most likely there most be something not working correctly like thyroid or a hormonal imbalance.
Some people could never be size 2 on account of height and bone structure so their ideal body mass is different from someone else that’s when size becomes irrelevant.
Hahaha anyways tnx for raising so many good points.

Melanie McIntyre said...

"Enjoy the images in the magazines for what they are: smoke and mirrors and support brands that make an effort to be diversity friendly."

Very good advice.

Oranges And Apples said...

M, I do agree with you, if you exercise and eat well, you're probably going to end up within a 'medium' body size anyway. But just that medium could include a US 12/UK 16, which many people would describe as fat. I think it's all about balance - obesity is associated with all the things you mention, but just being a little bit fat isn't.

Anyway, I really I just wanted to point out that as I understand it, the fat acceptance movement isn't about wanting to be fat or promoting fat as freedom or anything like that. It's just about, well, acceptance.

Thanks for responding!

Beaut said...

We women seems to be living in the age of skinnyness and its not very attractive.

Look at how sexy Joan Holloway character is in Mad Men.
If only more women used her as a type of role model....

Beaut xxx
Vintage Clothing Australia

Mad Men Girl said...

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M said...

Hi Charlie, yes you may use the info if you link back and please leave me a link in the comements so I can read your article too!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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M said...

@anonymous: trading posts? you mean guest posts maybe? I haven't so far but if you have a fashion blog as well we could write something for each others blog
@Oliver: what link is down? I just checked and both links in this post seem to be working well (Tania Gold for The Guardian and Oranges and Apples:is fashion opressive or fun?)

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