Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vintage Velvet easing your way to Fall's main trend

Don’t hate on velvet, get used to it because come fall it will be everywhere! Oh and yes it’s a bit hard to pull off but it can be done without the cheapness factor you just need to mind the colors and shapes of a velvet piece.
People will find excuses to touch you so if you don’t like random strangers or even peeps you know invading your personal space steer clear!
Will try to post soon on my favorite looks from NYFW as my internet has been playing tricks on me and I’m exhausted and there’s no resting time tomorrow comes LFW arghhh I need a drink! A strong one.

1920's velvet
1920's velvet coat button
Late 1920's head candy from Bruck-Weiss New York
1930 red velvet dancing Dancing shoes from the 1930's

Jeanne Lanvin 1930 velvet
Jeanne Lanvin dress from the 1930's, all about the sleeves!

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