Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some cool trinkets to drool over
How cute are these rings from Ambush?
These Mikli sunglasses have been around for some time but I find them so "now" -the word du jour- for spring, it goes to show that everything can be off the moment with the right aesthetic, it just needs to be exciting enought!
Do you own anything rather old (more than 1 season) that works with the current trends as if you just bought it today?


Alyssa said...

Those rings are FABULOUS! They seem a bit impractical to wear, but so fun nonetheless. I've never seen rings quite like those.. thanks for sharing. :)

btw, I'm 'following' you now and you're on my blogroll! Nice blog. :D

Diana said...

Those Beethoven rings are so fun!


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