Sunday, February 14, 2010

Save the experience!

Susan Woo fall winter
Ahhh fashion week, we dream of it to come and when it finally does we struggle to keep up with all the hype going on every 5 seconds, it’s a tough business ain’it?
And like any other business it needs to move forward to remain relevant, and so the word around the block is that we might be witnessing the end of the Fashion Week shenanigans as we currently know them ¿really? I digress and now I’ll proceed to clearly and coherently tell you why –jajaja I’m a bit out of it today-
Ok so yeah how amazing to receive live 3D stream of a show directly to your laptop in the comfort of home or office instead of having to show up to some over hyped gathering a la Burberry this season and their live 3D show streaming eliminating the need to bother getting dressed up! How awesome is that? Not so much right? Precisely because the gathering and the freaking out over having nothing in the closet to wear is part of the experience, coming in full confrontation of the clothes and if you are lucky partial or even full interaction with them, plus some details just don’t show up in pictures –pictures depending on photographer and lighting have the uncanny ability to transform and camouflage runway sins- to this I can attest personally and then add the after party fun and all the free drinks and finger food.
Yes technological improvements are welcomed as they democratize fashion and allow for more interaction between brand and final consumer, for the joy of fashion admirers the world over.
But unless you want to live in the world of “Surrogates” –yeah that Bruce Willis movie- there are some experiences we should like to keep, don’t you agree?

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