Friday, February 5, 2010

Maria Bonita Extra to distract me from my sleep deprived crankiness

This brand always makes me covet whatever they produce, it’s always feminine and pretty but not over the top in saccharine. I need a way to get my hands on this…traveling to Brazil must become a priority for me this year…as shallow as that may sound shopping actually keeps the economy moving that most be good for all levels of people involved with a brand specially if we’re talking one that is not exactly a huge corporation that spends half what they earn in marketing… yes this argument is a bit well underdeveloped but I’m hungry and sleep deprived, feeling the hangover of hell and the sad part is there should not be a hangover as I did not drink last night.
I went to bed early-ish but could not sleep for who knows what reasons and this morning the alarm went on then some noise coming from the street –which under normal conditions does not bother me one bit- so the result is a very cranky and perpetually hungry me.
So to alleviate the bad mojo I wanted to focus on something pretty and share it with you, so dream a bit, and hopefully for me this shall pass and tomorrow will wake to my normal happy self. Enjoy!

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