Friday, February 26, 2010

Head Honcho Chic

First off sorry for the lack of proper posts this few days there are “issues” with my Internet connection which I’m hoping to solve a.s.a.p. (argh so behind in my runway homework)
K by now you most be aware I’m not big on celebrities and their style on this blog mainly because I find it boring as most hire stylists so the looks are not really theirs and secondly so many people do that already so why bother, right?
However this is a special case sort of, yesterday I came across the picture of Natalie Massenet at Vanessa Jackman’s blog…hmm so? Well a funny thing happens with appearances and the importance we place on them and at the same time we seam to ignore them when it come to fashions movers and shakers, see we expect our hair stylist to have perfect hair and our dermatologist to have perfect skin, no wrinkles and be perfectly groomed, dentist most have perfect teeth, pilates instructors perfectly skinny and the list goes on and on but when it comes to fashion well…lets just say some insiders lack the very thing they are selling and yet we take their advice.
In Massenet’s case I was pleasantly surprised with her style, she is the head of a fashion empire and she looks the part, confident and effortless, approachable even.
Would luv to see picks of her underlings as well…do you think they measure up as well?

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