Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goodbye Alexander fashion will miss you

It’s a sad day for fashion, unless you were sleeping all day you should be aware by now of Alexander McQueen’s sad news, I was sleeping in today steadily approaching noon when a friend called my cell to share the news, I asked her to double check as it could be a misprint it was not and that’s so sad.
I remember how I used to walk past his store in Milan sometimes more than once every day on my way to class or to a local café between lessons drooling over all the pretty and expensive items made to make you dream.
At least he went out on top of his game –or does that make it worse- anyways my concern is his brand, what exactly will become of it? Already the McQ show in NY was cancelled but what about the main line? Yes it’s sad but is it wise? I don’t want to seem heartless but in the end his departure makes this shows even all the more important as they were the last he was involved in personally, his parting gift if you will to his millions of fans.
His brand was part of him and I don’t presume to know what he was thinking but my guess is that he did not mean for his brand to end with him but have a life of its own.
Do you think it is completely inappropriate for the show to go on?

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