Saturday, February 27, 2010

Derived from penguins and other eccentric's

The fashion week train is still running fast and furious surely giving us reasons to start a fall 2010 savings account and from the London station came along a collection I’ve been waiting to see for months.
Some many months ago I stumbled across a blog detailing the journey to creating a label, presenting it and all the craziness in the middle, the designer and namesake label in question Charlotte Taylor sort of gave me a Project Runway entertainment and inspiration, very educational as well just in case I decide someday to start designing again and hence producing my own brand. I even forwarded the link to my designer friends.
The wait came to an end as we have finally visual proof of all the process, yey!
Arghh and we had to wait…a lot…at least in Project Runway you only wait about 35mins to see the results but I guess that was part of the appeal of her blog and obviously she could not reveal anything until it was all good and ready.
Her inspirations were as she explained “Trashy grannies, penguins, old soap operas, movies and the eccentric within provide fuel for the fire in this bold yet elegant collection.”
So below the looks I really liked and could see myself wearing just as they are and also congratulations to Charlotte for her effort and hopefully stockers are all lined up!

All images are from Charlotte's blog


Out of Order said...

Oh I love Charlotte Taylor! The collection is so fun and pretty. I adore penguins, and I'm now searching for some reddish/brown tights as shown on the models ;]

M said...

yeah those tights are a great non-black option


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