Monday, February 15, 2010

An affair of lingering proportions

My current favorite thing to wear even around the house is my new perfume Dèlices de Cartier Eau Fruitée, it’s delicious and lingers for the longest time and yes I realize this elixir has been around for quite a while but I received my bottle just a few weeks back –from a friend who has nothing to do with branding, retail or Cartier, not a corporate gift a personal one- and I’m in luv even preferring it over the other fragrance I’ve been wearing for some time, my guess is the novelty which will probably wear out some time soon but for now I’ll enjoy this love affair for all its worth.
Dèlices de Cartier


Haute World said...

I used to be addicted to another Cartier scent... never tried this one, but the bottle itself is worth a purchase!

M said...

yes! the bottle is just lovely adorning the space jajaa


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