Saturday, January 16, 2010

Purrring my way to fierce

One of the things I want 2010 to be is FIERCE whatever that means; I’m still trying to determine what that would mean to me.
What to do to make this the best year ever is my current obsession and my inspiration today is the fabulous miss Eartha Kitt, she was sexy in a very strong way without the help of studs or leather, she just had a strong hold on self assurance, my guess is even in demure florals she would have looked tough.
Before Halle Berry there was Eartha as Catwoman in the campy Batman TV series.
She also became part of the French résistance during WWII and for that she received military honors at her funeral.
With a unique voice she sang beautifully in her native English and in French.
The lesson I got from reading about her? Been fierce is an attitude adjustment, it’s about been strong and smiling while you’re at it.

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