Monday, January 11, 2010

Dreaming of Balenciaga

Hello my darlings, here’s hoping this new year brings you joy, luv and amazing things all 354 days left on this 2010 adventure!
Must say I’ve no intention of making resolutions for this year…I’m gonna wing it!
Mainly because the idea of making a list just to completely disregard it down the road seams like a complete waste of time, maybe it’s me right now acknowledging the procrastination that steers within hence preventing myself from said procrastination by avoiding the anxiety the list would provoke and swiftly getting rid of the bad habit without actually trying, it’s a brilliant plan I tell you, brilliant!
Sounds completely deranged that much is clear but when dealing with pesky set in habits a creative approach is absolutely necessary.
Now for the eye candy: Balenciaga mini dress

Balenciaga ss2010 minidress @ Máriel's Castle

This I’m dreaming to wear from the upcoming season (actually since currently at the land of eternal summer I can very much wear it down the street this very second) an option could be to join one of the new rent the runway or the likes, maybe? Making it big at the black jack table is another way to go.
The complete collection was gorgeous, streetwear gone luxe, also the colors with lots of greys, dark blues and the likes with pops of brights gave it a very non-seasonal look in my eyes, perfect.

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