Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Inspired by Tippi Hedren

Isn't this doll wonderfull? I wanna dress like her!!! so elegant, inspired by Tippi Hedren's character on Hitchcock's The Birds, it's a great x-mas present for any Barbie/Movie fan

Hitchcock The Birds Barbie @ Máriel's Castle

Tippi Hedren @ Máriel's Castle

Hitchcock The Birds Poster @ Máriel's Castle

Monday, December 21, 2009

YSL's New Vintage II

Good news on the GREEN side of fashion my darlings the masterminds behind YSL have decided to dig deep into the archives of unused fabrics to bring us a collection full of modern silhouettes, sharp cuts and artful sewing, the YSL New Vintage II –following the success of the first one, remember June?-, it should have been called the greatest hits collection from seasons past, as Pilati is recreating great pieces that are still current in fashion sensibilities around the globe, it’s a limited edition of 121 pieces which are priced lower than the regular ready to wear collection so we’re sure it’s gonna go fast…
yves saint laurent new vintage collection II @ Máriel's Castle

Taking inspiration from the Clements Ribeiro duo whom had done this already with couture fabrics a little while ago with their Half & Half Project launched in 2008 as a collab with Karen Nicol, the current ss2010 project can be found at CoutureLab and Matches.
The aesthetic is quite different from YSL’s to be sure as the H&H consists of limited edition one-style dresses in a simple V-neck and slim skirted shape that is compensated by the elaborate nature of the fabrics used (heavy brocade + sequins + weave). To complement the dresses they’ve added cashmere tanks and cardigans in fluorescent colours and jet embroidery.

clements ribeiro half & half project @ Máriel's Castle

This is a great initiative to be sure, you get the high of owning one of a kind without the someone-has-worn-this-dress-before-me factor plus it’s a way to eliminate waste.
This makes one wonder just how much couture worthy fabrics are lying around in dark storage rooms waiting to be loved again? Or lace or buttons or other applications…

Monday, December 14, 2009

Playing Barbie with Louboutin

Growing up I disliked baby type dolls –you know the ones that cry or went peepee when you gave them a bottle- in my little heart there was only room for stuffed animals –specially my Care Bears- and Barbie convention when I was 12 yrs old in LaLa Land were I got to see all the Bob Mackie one’s in crystal cases and the ones ordinary people created, any Barbie fan can go gaga in one of those…then I grew up and forgot about my favorite doll when this pics jumped at me onscreen and there’s still luv, most admit, how cute is these Louboutin created Barbie? There’s going to be 3 dolls the first being “Burglar Barbie” sooo adorable with the shoes she’s going to steal apparently or are those the shoes she wears to go steal other stuff? Dunno but they even come with care bags and shoe boxes, just lovely! You can buy BB here for $150

Christian Louboutin Barbie @ Máriel's Castle
Christian Louboutin Barbie @ Máriel's Castle

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DIY Fendi

Sorry to comment on this so late but as you recall I was on blogging hiatus last week so yeah, many days have passed since the right now moment for this post but I could care less jajaja no really bear with me please. This Fendi Baguette Mezzo Punto that came to be as a way for Fendi to have a presence at Miami’s Art Basel -Silvia Venturini Fendi was present for the lectures- which is all well and good, I mean its great how brands are capitalizing on non fashion events and thinking out of the box when communicating themselves and since competition is fiercer than ever this is the best moment to do just that. But in my humble opinion as cute as the mentioned bag is, paying a hefty price so I can finish it myself would not be my idea of a great buy, all the bells and whistles better all be there, unless the price is really on the cheap side which dunno but most likely is not the case. The idea is great and could bring about an expansion in the ways brands allow to personalize your item which might be the next big trend on luxury products, but it would be so much better if you were to present the idea and they came up with the execution part or maybe I’m just lazy and this little DIY bag is every Fendi fan dream come true?
fendi baguette mezzo punto @
fendi baguette mezzo punto @
fendi baguette mezzo punto @

Monday, December 7, 2009

Gucci + Snowman in Africa = M's X-mas wish

This bag makes my current wish list at spot #1! Let me clarify that it’s not because it’s a Gucci –even if that helps a little with the covet factor- or because it’s a do good while you shop –as it benefits UNICEF with the help of the author/illustrator of Snowman in Africa Michael Roberts- NO, it has to do with the elephants scattered around, the little snowmen who seem to have been blasted into air and the little leaves moving wildly for a blast of color, I like it because its adorable and the Gucci monogram not so obvious, the rest of the collection is really cute too but not enough to make me this exited.
And it makes me sad that I’m currently back in my Gucci deprived country, please Santa if you are reading drop by the north pole’s Gucci store and get me one pretty please…yes because even the north pole most have a store…arghhh

Gucci Snowman in Africa for UNICEF @ Máriel's Castle

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blogcations and other leisurely activities

After my little blogcation this week –for some reason was not felling the whole posting thing, barely read any blogs actually- I’m back to show you my latest purchases yey!
Since I’m currently in El Armario land that’s were my compass directed me and there are 3 new pairs of vintage shoes to prove it, they need a little trip to the shoe man for some polish, luv and to replace the thingy at the end of the heels, there’s also a black leather briefcase suited for any Mad Men to carry around that belonged to a Peruvian diplomat in the 60’s but I’m having it repainted to fit me and my mad style, maybe bright coral or perhaps burned yellow dunno yet but as soon as it’s ready you’ll see before and after pics.

vintage shoes @ máriel's castle
Here’s my pretty baby inspecting the goods!

stuart weitzman vintage shoes @ máriel's castle

stuart weitzman vintage shoes @ máriel's castle
I was lucky to find these nude colored Stuart Weitzman for Mr. Seymour which was the company owned by his father for whom he started designing, he inherited the company then sold it and purchased it again some time after. I really like the bows and the crinkly leather; they are really comfortable I most say.

stuart weitzman vintage shoes @ máriel's castle

vintage shoes @ máriel's castle

vintage shoes @ máriel's castle
This hot pink pair fit my whimsical shoe bill quite well, they have a sort of ripple effect that comes out from just under the rosette you can see it a bit in the 2nd pic very 3d when your hand touches the shoes, plus they have a black heel which j’adore

vintage shoes @ máriel's castle

vintage shoes @ máriel's castle
This is my favorite pair luv the color, luv the shape, love the heels since they are sturdy and hiiigh oh and they are comfortable –comfortable high heels? Who knew- the shape is my favorite part just L.O.V.E. them


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