Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sample styling from k-drama Billiant Legacy

Sooo I’m finally done watching “Chanranhan Yusan” (shinning inheritance or brilliant legacy) my latest drama addiction and within days with airing in Korea, hurray for the fansubbers being clueless in Korean language, so anyways as always with Asian dramas they are done in a series format so just a few epis and we’re done much like seasons for series in the us (which is perfect for me since I don’t like story lines that go on forever), the wardrobe design is superb, with CY mostly for me were the outfits for the two male leads, amazingly sharp and flattering for each and consistent from beginning to end.
So after researching for images I gave up and decided to ask my lovely friend Mijung and within a few hours the images were found yey!
The actors are Seung-ki Lee and Su-bin Bae ¿easy names right?
If you feel like it watch this I highly recommend, just 28 episodes.

styling wardrobe design @ mariels castle
great wardrobe design @ mariels castle

great wardrove styling @ mariels castle

sharp taylored clothes @ mariels castle

sharp styling @ mariels castle

sharp wardrobe design @ mariels castle

sharp wardrobe tayloring styling @ mariels castle

figuring out a way to teleport----

Many fashion lovers focus their Latin American fashion lens mostly over to Rio and Sao Paulo Fashion Weeks; however the continent has much to offer down south, one example is Buenos Aires FashionWeek starting soon on august 19, 20 and 21, with heavy weights presenting on the runways and showrooms for other brands that choose not to get sucked into the frenzy that goes into organizing a runway show. Not much is available on the official site so no clue as to which brands are participating and in what way.
Arghh if there was ever a time to request super powers this is it for me I choose teleportation, that way I can attend every fashion event on the planet. The brands I’m really looking forward to are many but mostly Tramando and Rapsodia.
This reminds me I haven’t posted anything on Sao Paulo’s FW even as I’m really exited for many brands and their proposals for the season; a commitment needs to be made to be there come February for the next season! And as far as BAF week goes maybe I can teach myself to teleport in the weeks still separating us from the shows ¿how hard can it be?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Justifying the craving for the sequined leggings 2 black/white looks

Still haven’t kick started my search for the perfect pair of sequined leggings mainly coz I haven’t had any time, but I will, soon! The hunt includes hitting the pavement of the main malls in Panama City to see if there is a store that has my type of sequined goodies.
Meanwhile I bring you two looks that attempt to demonstrate the versatility of the sequined ones and justify a bit why is it I need to own them.
Well maybe sequined anything might not be everyone’s idea of wearable however these are black so it’s not like they will be blinding from a distance during the day.

great styling tips and looks @ mariels castle
great styling tips and looks @ mariels castle

Mine with sequins please!

Ok so I’ve been obsessed over acquiring a pair of sequined leggings, why all of a sudden? No clue really, they just invaded my sensibility for some reason, they’ve been used on posts and editorials, nothing new but I paid no attention until now…
So I started searching for a good pair and stumbled upon these Alexander McQueen but for $2345 I have to say no tnx
all over sequin leggins @ mariels castle
Then came along Les Chiffoniers with their own take at a more modest price tag of $815, they have a lot of interesting pieces on their collection and the fact that their take on the trend has zippers makes them really special I even appreciate the full lightening effect on the silver one’s
all over sequin leggins @ mariels castle
Was slightly frustrated when I found the Topshop version at $80 jaja really good price tag for a piece that may not get used all that much, or will it?
cool leggins @ mariels castle
And the incredible winner of my search were the ones from Express, because of the ripple hem they fit like a pair of skinny jeans I think, however that image was send to me so when I tried their site the fabulous pair is nowhere to be found, sad? YES
So I’ll begin a hunt for them and since Express is a really cheap brand I’m sure the damage won’t be more than a smudge on the wallet.
So hunt we will!
sequined leggins @ mariels castle

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ye shall stop procrastinating and create a few bling's

Finally after much procrastination I decided to do something with the things gathering dust in my jewelry d.i.y. kit, among then a jade bracelet I didn’t like anymore, a pendant that a friend brought me from china also jade, chains, a broken necklace, random stones and an agate pendant to name a few. So far there’s still stuff to use but I am feeling quite satisfied with the three pieces I have so far.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Position yourself accordingly

This is just too funny! the guys at Refinery 29 got working to bring us the formula to snap a spot at The Sartorialist whom by the way is comming out with a new self-titled book so study hard so the next fashion week that comes your way you'll be able to catch Scott Schuman a.k.a. The Sartorialist eye...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Barbie says: Brava Signora Sozzani!

For some months now rumors have been percolating in the fashion industry that the search for the replacement of Anna Wintour of Vogue USA one of the most well known editors in the industry has started, due to an apparent and progressive loss of power, exemplified by Elle Magazine towering over Vogue on advertising pages recently, a clear indication of the relevance of a publication; off course Mrs. Wintour denies she’ll be leaving Vogue anytime soon, however it’s not a secret she is fishing for an ambassadors post for her country ¿doesn’t it make sense to search for a new job while holding one you might be let go off?
So far the big name pounding on everyone’s head as a viable replacement was the delightful Carine Roitfeld editrix for French Vogue who has denied such job was ever offered to her (this was addressed in the CNN especial on her) and this week the name is Russian Vogue editor Aliona Doletskaya, but if our friends at Conde Nast based their decision on the popular vote (if they are in fact making such a decision) my vote would be torn between Carinne (who was a fashion stylist before assuming the top spot at the French edition and was along Tom Ford and Mario Testino part of the revival team for Gucci) and Franca Sozzani editor extraordinaire of Vogue Italia, who last year around these date impressed the world with the “Black Edition” casting light over the lack of presence of black models in the most important runways the world over, with the help of tops Liya Kebede and Naomi Campbell among others and these year like many she’s celebrating the 50th birthday of Barbie but Franca is unlike others and she amazes us again this year by duplicating the “Black Issue” as a supplement on the magazine. The images showing from synchronized swimming in crystal bathing suits to seductively posing in lingerie certainly impress without regard to the color of the aforementioned dolls, but the fact that they are very realistic looking black Barbie’s makes it all the more special.
I have no idea if she has any intention of nominating herself for what is arguably the most powerful position in the Vogue universe, but she certainly has an advantage over her colleagues, before us is a woman who knows how to use her creative force for a full –take no prisoners- impact. Barbie must be pleased.

Not basic at all...

This is a Korean boy band called TVXQ AADBSK3 if I’m not mistaken, heard a song and it sounded really good and it helps how cute they are blah blah but the important thing here is the clothes they are wearing in their new look book “Please Be Mine”
At first glance these are simple pieces in quiet colors but if you look carefully they have interesting details, the silhouettes are body conscious, and we even get a bit of cleavage on a few t-shirts which look quite good. It’s all very masculine and quite modern at the same time.
We begin to get a few men styled like this on the streets of Panama but still it’s quite rare they are still behind on their trends 101 but there is progress especially on the teen set. Mainly I believe there’s a fear of standing out too much if there is such a thing. The look of the band here goes to show that a little goes a long way.

Gabriel Moreno

We could so be wearing one of these on a cool t-shirt.

Cedric Rivrain

Soft images, slightly disheveled and ghostly but somehow warm that threaten to disappear from the page at any given moment.


Jill Sander refuses to go away and we are pleased! So far only a teaser has been released by Uniqlo about the collection, not even the release date or number of pieces only the tags that identify the collection and a very sharp neckline, hopefully signature Sander will come our way soon enough.

Old World Charmer

These pieces have an old world fairytale charm, and it makes perfect sense since the designer has tons of old buttons in his atelier and loves old sewing machines which he knows how to repair by the by, one such machine is his current most priced possession and this is were all his pieces from the collection were sewed in. I find the pieces in the "Les elves et le cordonier" quite easy to imagine on a day to day wear, making them even more alluring to a prospective buyer such as myself. Sadly I have no idea who may stock this brand or the projected price range, argh I don’t even remember where these pictures came from. There was something about Paris so maybe… ¿Colette?
Whatever let’s continue to enjoy the images and dream of owning one of them.


Aww this extract from an editorial of Korean Vogue is the absolute cuteness, I want to miniaturize this robot, hang it from a chain and make it dangle happily from my neck into the sunset. However I’m very pleased I’ve found a suitable stand in from the spring summer collection of Swarovski, Erika and Elvis Super Nature Pendants, one of these two should do the trick!


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