Monday, December 21, 2009

YSL's New Vintage II

Good news on the GREEN side of fashion my darlings the masterminds behind YSL have decided to dig deep into the archives of unused fabrics to bring us a collection full of modern silhouettes, sharp cuts and artful sewing, the YSL New Vintage II –following the success of the first one, remember June?-, it should have been called the greatest hits collection from seasons past, as Pilati is recreating great pieces that are still current in fashion sensibilities around the globe, it’s a limited edition of 121 pieces which are priced lower than the regular ready to wear collection so we’re sure it’s gonna go fast…
yves saint laurent new vintage collection II @ Máriel's Castle

Taking inspiration from the Clements Ribeiro duo whom had done this already with couture fabrics a little while ago with their Half & Half Project launched in 2008 as a collab with Karen Nicol, the current ss2010 project can be found at CoutureLab and Matches.
The aesthetic is quite different from YSL’s to be sure as the H&H consists of limited edition one-style dresses in a simple V-neck and slim skirted shape that is compensated by the elaborate nature of the fabrics used (heavy brocade + sequins + weave). To complement the dresses they’ve added cashmere tanks and cardigans in fluorescent colours and jet embroidery.

clements ribeiro half & half project @ Máriel's Castle

This is a great initiative to be sure, you get the high of owning one of a kind without the someone-has-worn-this-dress-before-me factor plus it’s a way to eliminate waste.
This makes one wonder just how much couture worthy fabrics are lying around in dark storage rooms waiting to be loved again? Or lace or buttons or other applications…

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