Monday, December 7, 2009

Gucci + Snowman in Africa = M's X-mas wish

This bag makes my current wish list at spot #1! Let me clarify that it’s not because it’s a Gucci –even if that helps a little with the covet factor- or because it’s a do good while you shop –as it benefits UNICEF with the help of the author/illustrator of Snowman in Africa Michael Roberts- NO, it has to do with the elephants scattered around, the little snowmen who seem to have been blasted into air and the little leaves moving wildly for a blast of color, I like it because its adorable and the Gucci monogram not so obvious, the rest of the collection is really cute too but not enough to make me this exited.
And it makes me sad that I’m currently back in my Gucci deprived country, please Santa if you are reading drop by the north pole’s Gucci store and get me one pretty please…yes because even the north pole most have a store…arghhh

Gucci Snowman in Africa for UNICEF @ Máriel's Castle

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