Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The McQueen Shoes

I love different looking shoes mainly coz they give any look a certain something, just to illustrate at one point there were a pair of white leather geta inspired shoes in my closet, so when I saw the McQueen show a while ago I though they were interesting however not likely to wear on real life for obvious reasons and were fit only for editorials and musical videos like the Lady Gaga example below

but then at a closer inspection these darlings caught my eye
alexander mcqueen ss2010 shoes @ mariels castle
alexander mcqueen ss2010 shoes @ mariels castle

Good neutral color, platforms for added height and an otherworldly heel---I just luv!
Wearing them with something simple would make these babies shine and they are not scary to wear like the other shoes from the show.
For example with a drapey coral jersey sweater dress and nude net or lace tights or skinny pants and a tank top or this vintage dress I got at El Armario worn the other day for drinks –sorry for the lack of a standing picture- which I paired with chunky Michael Kors pumps in a slightly metallic/brown/green color otherwise known as running dog.

So there you go no need to be a fashion daredevil to rock this shoes…now if only one could discipline oneself to start saving now for them so when spring shows up there will be plenty proof of how wearable they truly are!


scrapbook said...

something are meant to be eye candy ... i will just remain to admire them :D, xx

M said...

extravagant I know but I do luv a crazy shoe!


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