Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lust worthy knitts

Knitted garments are at times associated with structural impact pieces or just your simple heavy and puffy not silky, soft and full of movement. For me the word also brings to mind the time in freshman year of junior high when my home economics teacher wanted us to crochet knit a tablecloth which I found the most boring task EVER so I ended up renting a finished one from a girl at another classroom to avoid failing the class (I mean she even called my mother to her she was going to fail me over the stupid thing) and since my parents refused to give me money to pay someone to knit it for me like a friend of mine who paid her neighbor, I had to get crafty and how the woman never realized my task morphed from lilac to mustard I’ll never know, lucky me. However there are off course heavy weight brands that have taken simple jersey knits and elevated its possibilities into reputations for excellence like Chanel with her use of underwear jersey and Missoni, and here come other two great designers to feed us lust for knitted pieces in our wardrobe. The first is Bulgarian Marina Nikolaeva Popska with a collection inspired by light, nature and the human spirit, she recently graduated from The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and was among those selected to present their collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Her collection is made up of flowy and light looking pieces in very well executed color combinations. You can catch an interview on her views for the collection at Dazed Digital.
marina nikolaeva popska ss2010 @ máriel's castle
marina nikolaeva popska ss2010 @ máriel's castle
marina nikolaeva popska ss2010 @ máriel's castle
marina nikolaeva popska ss2010 @ máriel's castle
marina nikolaeva popska ss2010 @ máriel's castle

The second one is Colombian designer Pepa Pombo who brings us a collection based on geometrical figures –Lupus- mainly the circle which according to the designer represents the beginning and end of things. She presented her ss2010 line out of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico, probably due to the fact that she recently opened a store at Masaryk Avenue which is the Federal Districts equivalent of 5th Avenue in New York.
Pepa’s proposition bets strongly on texture and need to be watched in detail to fully appreciate the complexities of her designs.

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Anna Jane said...

Firstly, that shoe in your previous post is gorgeous! stunning.
Ah yes, I love a bit of knitwear, especially vital at this time of year. Those designs are beautiful.

Anna Jane xxx


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