Saturday, November 28, 2009

Heaven is made of jewels

I love to shop whether it is actual buying or just its window counterpart, however when it comes to shopping online I’m not really big on buying expensive clothing mainly because I tend to be picky over how things fit me, but shoes, accessories, bags, books and all the rest are fair game. I’m aware of returning policies and what not, but it’s just too much hassle, its all about instant gratification when it comes to buying certain items. But I do cave sometimes when said item is completely unavailable in the regular shopping experience, so far so good but you never know as clothes are have a “mind” of their own and measurements aren’t everything to ensure something will be good on you, not even if you follow shop for your body type guides however I’ve found that there are some expensive things online that won’t get you all worked up over return policies if you happen to have a few $$$ weighing you down –to be fair there are a few items under $250- the jewel section at 1stdibs, they also have a vintage clothes & accessories section with awesomeness al around
($48,000 or so pale blue crocodile Birkin anyone?) at least the jewelry section has more budget friendly prices and you could consider it an investment if it’s a piece over a few thousands. At the moment I can only browse for the pieces that really call to me but it’s all so pretty it makes me happy to admire and many state pieces come with information on their previous owners so you really get a sense of “knowing” your piece. Oh btw if you love fine jewelry but can’t afford it you should visit your local pawn shop as they sell the items that were not retrieved by the owners at fractions of what they retail for. So if you can you should!

turquoise and diamond ring @ máriel's castle
amethyst and diamond bangle @ máriel's castle
18kt gold woven 1940's watch @ máriel's castle
18kt gold woven 1940's watch @ máriel's castle

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