Friday, November 20, 2009

Do we really have fashion freedom of choice?

Yesterday I was trying to decide which book to purchase since I’m in the mood for something entertaining, historic, epic, rich and by all means light since my last novel was The Strangled Queen from The Accursed Kings Series and after that I got this book about couture sewing techniques that I mentioned before, which is amazing btw if you like design or sewing, I try to alternate between design related and fiction or non fashion related topics to avoid getting bored about my reading, was contemplating In the Company of the Courtesan when I got to a contact of mine on Facebook and there was the most amazing macaroon
macaroon casa nikki panama @ máriel's castle

which he made for the restaurant he works at –so going there a.s.a.p.— it got me thinking of the Laduree colorful and amazingly tasty mouth watering macaroons

laduree macaroons @ máriel's castle

and for some reason decided to read something about France which after a few minutes of Amazon browsing got me to Queen of Fashion: What Marie A. wore to the Revolution

queen of fashio book @ máriel's castle

and after reading the comments I was sold, this is a book that analyzes the choices the queen made on her appearance not out of vanity but as a way to deal with the impotence of her position were she was no more than a decorative breeding machine.
I find it interesting and so current as I recently found this article and then this video of a riot at a private university in Brazil, appalled that after all this it was the victimized girl who got expelled.

Which made me very sad that in this day and age this sort of thing happens; sure the outfit was inappropriate for uni but was all this commotion necessary?
We use our fashion choices to express ourselves; we transmit information and attitude to others without uttering a word, sometimes what we transmit is accurate of who we are and other times not so much. So even if we not fully understand what we communicate we should be aware of how powerful it is. Bloggers tend to expose themselves to others thru “what I wore today” type of posts, sometimes the response is nice and encouraging other times not so much. But it’s one thing to comment negatively at someone’s pictures (even though it’s better not to say anything when we don’t like it instead of insulting someone) and another thing to actually hurt them for them not wearing what we would like them to, seriously how many times do we cross paths with people wearing ill fitting, muffin top inducing jeans, panty lines or whatever, we stare or make a face but it’s a personal reaction without invading the horror inducing person’s privacy.
So are we really free in our fashion choices? Because being appropriate for our everyday activities is a big part of the decision making when it comes to our fashion choices. Are we afraid of wearing certain pieces out of fear of being ostracized? Do we fear being labeled? Can we really label someone as a night-walker-type-of-woman because of what is plainly the love of trashy clothes? Do we even have a right to be offended by someone else’s outfits? After all this dark pondering on freedom of wear and double standards I remembered my new book choice and decided to be inspired by cascades of pastels and lace, googled Versailles and along came this five men dressed like members of Louis XIV on acid, a wonderful cure for fashion blues.
Sorry for the long post hope the images make you dream of a perfect world were one can walk the streets in brassieres, sequined pants, military boots, feathered hat and gloves carrying a plastic bag as handbag and be admired for our boldness! Happy dreams my darlings.
versailles phillarmonic quintet @ máriel's castle
versailles phillarmonic quintet @ máriel's castle


Anna said...

Good post. It's interesting to consider that we're probably still not entirely free with our fashion choices. Saying that, would it necessarily be a better world if we were given absolute freedom, ie. wearing a bikini to an interview? Maybe that example is a little extreme!

Anna Jane xxx

WendyB said...

You've been reading some great books! I love the Druon series. And mentioned Queen of Fashion here:


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