Saturday, August 1, 2009

Isabel Henao @ Colombiamoda 2009

“Paisajismos” a word that translates roughly as “Landscaping” is the name designer Isabel Henao has given her most recent collection shown just a few days ago on July 28 at the Esika Runway at Colombiamoda 2009, a proposal strong in exploration of colors and textures that took 300 people and 90 days to make. Black, white and grey were the base colors for the collection with sprinkles of bright shades throughout it and the inspiration came from children stories and fairies.
Her pieces always boast a lot of craftsmanship, creating her own prints and special pleating, I was lucky to see her pieces and collection up close a few seasons ago and this time it’s a bit different in the fabrics she has incorporated and not much to been seen of her signature silk organza pleats but no disappointment here as it’s a good thing for designers to stretch beyond their comfort zones, she even has dresses knitted out of linen paper that are absolutely unique with hours of work behind each of them and the shoes from all 38 looks are unique to complement each outfit.
The linen knits look very lightweight I’m curious as to how they feel against the skin since the look like melted candy to me, somehow the colors on her prints remind me of fluffy cotton on a stick but for some unknown reason my head associates linen paper knit with itchy wool. And the feathery head accessories have potential for a spin about town ¿no?

isabel henao colombiamoda 2009 @ mariels castle
isabel henao colombiamoda 2009 @ mariels castle

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