Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sample styling from k-drama Billiant Legacy

Sooo I’m finally done watching “Chanranhan Yusan” (shinning inheritance or brilliant legacy) my latest drama addiction and within days with airing in Korea, hurray for the fansubbers being clueless in Korean language, so anyways as always with Asian dramas they are done in a series format so just a few epis and we’re done much like seasons for series in the us (which is perfect for me since I don’t like story lines that go on forever), the wardrobe design is superb, with CY mostly for me were the outfits for the two male leads, amazingly sharp and flattering for each and consistent from beginning to end.
So after researching for images I gave up and decided to ask my lovely friend Mijung and within a few hours the images were found yey!
The actors are Seung-ki Lee and Su-bin Bae ¿easy names right?
If you feel like it watch this I highly recommend, just 28 episodes.

styling wardrobe design @ mariels castle
great wardrobe design @ mariels castle

great wardrove styling @ mariels castle

sharp taylored clothes @ mariels castle

sharp styling @ mariels castle

sharp wardrobe design @ mariels castle

sharp wardrobe tayloring styling @ mariels castle

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