Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mine with sequins please!

Ok so I’ve been obsessed over acquiring a pair of sequined leggings, why all of a sudden? No clue really, they just invaded my sensibility for some reason, they’ve been used on posts and editorials, nothing new but I paid no attention until now…
So I started searching for a good pair and stumbled upon these Alexander McQueen but for $2345 I have to say no tnx
all over sequin leggins @ mariels castle
Then came along Les Chiffoniers with their own take at a more modest price tag of $815, they have a lot of interesting pieces on their collection and the fact that their take on the trend has zippers makes them really special I even appreciate the full lightening effect on the silver one’s
all over sequin leggins @ mariels castle
Was slightly frustrated when I found the Topshop version at $80 jaja really good price tag for a piece that may not get used all that much, or will it?
cool leggins @ mariels castle
And the incredible winner of my search were the ones from Express, because of the ripple hem they fit like a pair of skinny jeans I think, however that image was send to me so when I tried their site the fabulous pair is nowhere to be found, sad? YES
So I’ll begin a hunt for them and since Express is a really cheap brand I’m sure the damage won’t be more than a smudge on the wallet.
So hunt we will!
sequined leggins @ mariels castle

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