Monday, July 20, 2009

Barbie says: Brava Signora Sozzani!

For some months now rumors have been percolating in the fashion industry that the search for the replacement of Anna Wintour of Vogue USA one of the most well known editors in the industry has started, due to an apparent and progressive loss of power, exemplified by Elle Magazine towering over Vogue on advertising pages recently, a clear indication of the relevance of a publication; off course Mrs. Wintour denies she’ll be leaving Vogue anytime soon, however it’s not a secret she is fishing for an ambassadors post for her country ¿doesn’t it make sense to search for a new job while holding one you might be let go off?
So far the big name pounding on everyone’s head as a viable replacement was the delightful Carine Roitfeld editrix for French Vogue who has denied such job was ever offered to her (this was addressed in the CNN especial on her) and this week the name is Russian Vogue editor Aliona Doletskaya, but if our friends at Conde Nast based their decision on the popular vote (if they are in fact making such a decision) my vote would be torn between Carinne (who was a fashion stylist before assuming the top spot at the French edition and was along Tom Ford and Mario Testino part of the revival team for Gucci) and Franca Sozzani editor extraordinaire of Vogue Italia, who last year around these date impressed the world with the “Black Edition” casting light over the lack of presence of black models in the most important runways the world over, with the help of tops Liya Kebede and Naomi Campbell among others and these year like many she’s celebrating the 50th birthday of Barbie but Franca is unlike others and she amazes us again this year by duplicating the “Black Issue” as a supplement on the magazine. The images showing from synchronized swimming in crystal bathing suits to seductively posing in lingerie certainly impress without regard to the color of the aforementioned dolls, but the fact that they are very realistic looking black Barbie’s makes it all the more special.
I have no idea if she has any intention of nominating herself for what is arguably the most powerful position in the Vogue universe, but she certainly has an advantage over her colleagues, before us is a woman who knows how to use her creative force for a full –take no prisoners- impact. Barbie must be pleased.

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