Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's gonna rain!

Ahhh the rainy season is here…water curtains, almost river currents in the sidewalks, the humidity and thanks to the wind a little mist for the benefit of blow-dried hair everywhere.
But all is not bad; if precautions are taken the rainy season has potential for interesting activities. I have already finished preparing the rain proof boots I got a few seasons ago and matching umbrella; however they are a bit too “whimsical” to wear with more serious for office attire thus my search for office/water current friendly shoes to keep me warm enough to enjoy the rain. 1st discovery the collaboration between stand up comedy boutique and slow and steady wins the race label with nylon water proof pumps in khaki, black and red and khaki oxfords both perfect but for cities or days were you won’t get mini rivers on streets and sidewalks, next the Aquatalia by Marvin K. Wasabi Boot which seems a very hot option, you can get it at zappos, locally I’ve found nothing at the local malls, so either order them online or begin to accept the idea of carrying extra weight in my bag due to an extra pair of shoes….mmm

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