Friday, January 8, 2016

Calling all children of the 90's! Nasty Gal and Courtney Love Collab

If you a product of the 90’s you were probably extremely exited like moi to check out the Courtney Love + Nasty Gal collab out January 14, an 18 piece range heavy on the babydoll and slip aesthetic associated with Love and all the cool angst she represented at the time. 

I can appreciate the Heaven Tonight Kimono for its dramatic styling possibilities but what I really think I could wear is the lace top on the image below: 

The images are via Nasty Gal, Net-a-Porter, Shopbop and Madewell.

the strategic cutouts + all that lace works for me, downplaying the sexiness with rosy flush makeup (tnx Lisa Eldridge) 

minimal or no jewellery and messy hair. 

I’m loving the idea of the wide-leg cropped silk pants from Theory with an elasticated waist plus Madewell’s Boardwalk Slide Sandals and the little Cambridge Satchel Mini Push Lock Bag, keeping it all monochromatic will aid the look I think. 

Maybe for a weekend afternoon date?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Have a little lot of disposable cash lying around between your couch cushions to buy some icon nostalgia?  The Victoria Beckham Charity Sale is on NOW at The Outnet but hurry the stuff is going fast, most items have a sold out sign.

From what is left I really liked this white Christian Dior crystal-embellished jersey mini dress, perfect for the last summer nights of warm fun or the rest of the year if you call a tropical climate home.

Next up this Dolce&Gabbana denim pencil skirt with little crystal initials at the right back pocket, perfect to wear right now I think. The D&G rhinestones are not in your face bling, they just add a little shine.

For some reason white captures me today! Oh and all pics are tnx to The Outnet.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I've been a fan of leopard printed shoes for a few years now, totally committed to view the print as a neutral. My current pair which is getting dangerously close to retirement is a sort of brogue in a soft syntetic material that I got lucky finding when visiting Colombia for work, a mall in Medellin to be more specific, in one of the nations version of an H&M for a laughing out loud price of approximately $20.00, that was 3 years shoes...3 years...yeah...

This means the new pair needs to be both pretty AND rock a reasonable cheap price if at all possible. As for style my inclination goes for the smoking slipper, very gentleman relaxing with bourbon after dinner of me.

The online market is brimming with style options but not many manage to look quite right, as leopard can go from cero to skanky pretty darn fast. Mall combing will come soon enough to search other options and in the meantime will refrain from wearing my current leopards to extend their life a bit.
The examples below are close to what I want, all very dainty but strong at the same time, the prices are not horrible exactly for the quality I guess but after $20.00 the bar is darn high, but I guess that amount won't get me what I want any time soon, it was a freak shopping magical moment.

Anyways the last two shoes are not exactly what the current inclination seeks but oh so pretty, a special moment to stare and dream was necessary. The Jimmy Choo ones could use a hue change but oh I´d still take them home just as they are.

Any suggestions on where to continue the search?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Prabal + Target Collab: The Wish List in Images

I have to say I’m a big admirer of Prabal Gurung, so getting to ogle the look book of his collab with Target was a very satisfying way to start my morning, the prices are just fantastic between $19.99 *ahem* $20.00 -----you see retailers think round numbers appeal more to the consumer and would consider it cheaper even if the difference is one cent---- and $39.99 so we’re really good on this shopping venture come February 10. From the First Date print sweatshirt to the Floral Crush print blazer/long sleeve tee the collection is full of cute wearable offerings that would be a fun addition to any closet, it is hard to limit the choosing to say just 3 items so get thinking now so you’ll know what to run for…

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Monkey see...Monkey like...

Such a cliche to say I NEED something but being at the begining of a new year...2013 according to the chinese is the black water snake...and me being a Metal Monkey finding this Amadeo lava, black diamonds and oxidized silver ring is a fun way to salute the new year.

The sad part is NAP's website says I need $2,900.00 to be able to say hey to 2013, not cool, at all. Anyways I really find this quirky little ring all kinds of awsome so I keep in mind I could always put up a donation bar towards buying it, right?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fab Outing: CasaCor Panama 2012

Hello there! I’ve been M.I.A. for a while –sad face- in my defense I missed you guys!

Will attempt to make it up to you. Hopefully a successful attempt. I have a plan. Word.

Step one: post something! Anything. My visit to Casa Cor 2012 in Panama City last week.

Pic via CasaCor

The main reason for the visit was that one of my dearest friends made the outdoor terrace. The space was fantastic with lots of nooks to seat and talk filled with weather resistant furniture.

Visiting after dark was great to get the full effect of the led lights added under and around the wood floor.

Shelly seating with me on her great terrace!
With Lulz lounging on a very expensive & confortable piece of furniture from Indonesia. Good times.

Ok this bathroom looked great but I was a bit afraid of some random bug coming out of the foliage and jumping on my clothes…it has happened, I was 9 on family trip to the highlands enjoying hot cocoa to battle the cold when I realized a huge furry black centipede was hanging out in my lap. Not cool I assure you.

Ok now check out the all important clothes. The shirt and amethyst/silver pendant are my own design, the skirt is part of a suit set from Zara, bag is Calvin Klein and shoes from Colombian brand Studio F. Discuss.

You may wonder how is a short skirt like mine appropriate for the office but let me say it’s all about balance. Easy. The no makeup look is more of a sleep over vanity kind of thing but it helps my cause. Also the masculine/cute/flat shoes are ideal to make a short skirt work for work. Ha. The fabric being pinstripes is a classic staple for executives and the cut gives it an innocent vibe. The shirt with an uncommon button placket is feminine cotton voile in soft lilac with tiny print of cream textured bows; yes mixing prints keeps things interesting even if it’s not that obvious. Going corporate does not mean boring!

Oh yeah the posing happened at the top floor on a cool tunnel with incorporated sound and decorated with pics by photographer Raisa (sorry no clue of her last name) who I met briefly at the cafeteria. Yeah big on facts that’s me.Lol.


My favorite item!!!This origami lamp took 3 nights to finish…or so I recall. It had jewelry fastenings to prevent the delicate paper from ripping.

Pic via Ellas Virtual

It was as if the ceiling was dripping jewels! 

Hello amazing bar I wish was on my apartment. The idea behind this space was a beach villa. The ceiling had a sort of soft vinil lining.

 Having fun with the ceiling mirror at CasaCor's organizers space. For some reason we all decided we needed to dress in some serious looking clothes, funny since we are known to have a skinny jeans uniform.

This little cafeteria was also decorated by an architect whose name escapes me...brownies provided by Bocaditos y Mas.

Ah these chairs were amazing, no need for a cushion. The architect in command of the space "The Reserve" was on hand, really cool lady btw. 

Pic via Ellas Virtual. Yeah blogger here forgot her camara.
A wall and dining table at "Kaboom Room" that appeals to my inner 5 year old boy. The table twirls to adjust its height. Fun! Other parts of the space had fabulous art including a rotating hand sculpture.

Another pic via Ellas Virtual

Is there a similar event in wour city? Share!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Big Hair Moment: Joan Smalls for May Vogue

The focus of this editorial were the very pretty shorts but I can’t help but get sidetracked by the big *** hair. I would never attempt to rock this style on the sidewalk but it looks oh so good on Joan. It just works. The enhanced accessories by Prada? Yes please!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Can I Have It? Haughton Fall 2012 Look 26

This look is what happens when a petticoat meets the mullet...I like it.

Can I also mention the AWSOME hair?

This outfit and I need to take a stroll thru a garden party. My hair is the correct lenght so I just need to master the waves. Champagne will be a plus. Mini-cheesecakes a necessity.

Houghton RTW Fall 2012
Pic via WWD

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Fashion Weeka are Coming!!!

Let's get in the mood for Fashion Month. A little peek at Naeem Khan, oh lovely shiny things!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's in the eyes.

Again with the eyes, what gives? I tell you eyes are on me. Take Monday night having dinner with a friend. The joint lets you draw on tables. I drew purple flowers on white grass and pink clouds. My friend? A big EYE!!!!

Alixa's doodle

Naturally what catches my eye today is glittering eye makeup from an editorial for Fashion Gone Rogue. The wonderful sparkly makeup a great enhancer for the mood of the story, thank you Tony Lundstrom, the one sad point? Count the lines around the models eyes, but I guess it only lends character to the images. In real life however that’s not something to crave like you would a perfect shade of lipstick.

So if you want eyes “that know how to make a crow blush” maybe iced chamomile pads or try dipping a cotton pad in rose water to which 2-3 drops of castor oil have been added and relax for 15-20min.



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